Water Wave Hair For Butterfly Locs

You can achieve a signature loop look with water wave hair for butterfly locs. Water wave hair for butterfly locs is made with high-quality Kanekalon synthetic fiber. This style is suitable for various hair styles including boho bob, knotless braids, and butterfly locks. To make it look more natural, you can wrap it with a small braid before wrapping it into a butterfly loc. Here are some simple steps to get started:

First, you need to buy water wave hair in lengths of 22 to 28 inches. Choose one that matches your natural hair color. Water wave hair is bouncy and adds a touch of femininity to the style. Once you have purchased water wave hair, you can begin styling the hair. You can either braid it or twist it to achieve a fluffier look. You can also use nail adhesive to secure your hair.

The next step is to wash your butterfly locs. Wash your hair thoroughly, focusing on the scalp. Try using non-stripping Wash Day Delight Shampoo. Rinse your hair thoroughly afterward. Butterfly locs will take longer to dry than braided hair, so gentle care will help them stay longer. You can also use conditioner and mousse to enhance your style. If you are not sure which products to use, try out the video below for more information.

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