Tips To Improve Your Sleep

1. Stick To a Strict Sleeping Schedule

One key thing you should be doing is sticking to a strict sleeping schedule. You want to try to align your body’s internal clock with the day and night cycle. Your body’s internal clock dictates when you wake up and when you get tired. Because of this, you want to aim to keep it as steady and as consistent as possible. You can try different things to see what works. Try to experiment to see what works best for you.

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Your body and brain want a routine. You need to actively give your body a routine if you want to make it easier to fall asleep at night and to wake up in the morning. Without an effective routine, you will find it increasingly difficult to get up in the morning and fall asleep at night. Follow a set sleeping schedule and have a wake-up and wind-down routine for the best results.

2. Keep Yourself Away From Screens

If you want to make it easier to fall asleep at night, try to remove screens from the bedroom. If possible, you want to get rid of any blue light-emitting screens. These screens simulate daylight. As a result, they can play a key role in keeping you up at night. They will destroy your sleep if you allow them to.

The light can simulate daylight. Thus, your body and brain will assume it’s daytime. This keeps you from getting into a relaxed state that is ready for bed. Instead, your body will remain in an active state where you find it increasingly difficult to fall asleep. It’s not only going to impact how long it takes for you to get to sleep, but also the overall quality of your sleep too. 

3. Exercise More

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that exercising can play a positive role in helping you get better sleep. You can experience a lot of benefits by exercising more. You want to try to incorporate a good half hour to a full hour of exercise into the mix. This can help put you in a position where you can improve your sleep efforts drastically.

A good thing to note is that you need to pay attention when you are working out. While working out is always good for you, if you do it too late in the day or at night, you could negatively impact your sleep. It can make it increasingly difficult for you to fall asleep if you work out too late. When you work out, your body produces adrenaline. This can keep you up at night if you aren’t careful. A good way to avoid this negative side effect of working out is by doing it earlier in the day. If you work out a minimum of two hours before going to sleep, you should have sufficient time to wind down for bed.

4. Meditation

Getting in some meditation can play a big role in helping you improve your sleep quality. This can allow you to effectively manage your stress levels and your sleep schedule. You want to try to focus on breathing when you are meditating. Try to center yourself and be in the moment. This can help you decrease stress levels which can naturally help with your sleep. 

5. Avoid Caffeine

While you don’t have to completely avoid caffeine throughout the day, you do want to limit your caffeine intake towards the middle and end portions of it. It’s best to avoid drinking caffeine within 6 hours of bedtime. Caffeine can continue to work its way through your body for up to 6 hours. Thus, you want to try to curb drinking caffeine towards midday. This will help you properly wind down at night. 

6. Only Use Your Bed For Sleep and Intimacy

It’s best to avoid doing anything stimulating in bed like watching TV. Instead, you want to stick to using your bed for sleep and intimacy. This will help you better associate the act of getting into bed with falling asleep. This alone can play a critical role in getting your body and mind to wind down for the night. You want to avoid using your bed for other things because you won’t automatically associate it with sleep. The more you can associate the act of climbing into bed with sleep, the easier it’s going to be to fall asleep. Likewise, the more comfortable your bed is the easier it will be to fall asleep. Take a look at these 2023 Sleepy’s mattress reviews to find the best mattress.

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