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The Meaning of Living in English

“Living” is a word that has many different definitions and synonyms stylishster in English. In fact, the word “living” is a synonym of the word “living.” You can find more information about the meaning of living by looking at a dictionary. It can be helpful to learn the word in context, by using it in sentences and learning synonyms for the word. Here are some utama4d examples of sentences that contain the word “living.”

Living is a synonym of alert, animate, brisk, current, dynamic, and existing. Despite its variety of meanings, living can be defined as alert, brisk, current, existing, dynamic, and full of vigor. For a more detailed discussion of the meaning of living, consult an English-Urdu dictionary. Its synonyms can help you learn hdstreamz new words quickly and accurately. Living vegasindo6d can also mean “alive,” “producing life,” and “inhabiting”.

A living-related term is a non-native term in English. It refers to a person or thing that has a life outside of the context. In English, a person who is “living” can be considered to be a member of that society. Tishare If the person is “living,” then he or she is actively participating in the culture of the country in which they live. If someone is “living” in a country where there masstamilan is a living-death penalty, it is a serious crime.

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