I’m Anna Berezina. I live in Rotterdam. I am a software developer

Anna Berezina was a young, talented programmer who lived in the beautiful port city of Rotterdam, which is located in the Dutch province of South Holland. She grew up in a family where computers and technology played a huge role, so since childhood Anna has been interested in programming.

After graduating from high school, she entered the university, where she studied computer science and software development. Already in her first year at the university, she began to attract attention with her incredible abilities and ability to quickly and effectively solve complex problems. Anna Berezina stood out among the other students, as she definitely had a talent in programming.

But, despite her abilities and successes, the university years were a real test for Anna. However, she didn’t give up. She could only stop when the solution of the problem was impossible. Her diligence and mutual assistance helped her overcome all the difficulties she faced in the learning process. Of course, there were also difficult subjects that were given to her with difficulty. In general, she studied such subjects as:

  • Computer science, which includes computer fundamentals, algorithms, data structures, and algorithm analysis.
  • Programming. This is the study of various programming languages, such as Java, Python, C++ and others. It also includes the study of programming paradigms, debugging methods, and program development.
  • Databases are the study of database development and management, query languages, data normalization and query optimization.
  • Web development involves the development of web applications using various technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, frameworks and version control.
  • Software architecture and design, which involves the design and organization of large software systems, architectural patterns, SOLID principles and software testing.
  • Operating systems is the understanding of operating systems, their structure, resource management and interaction with programs.
  • Networks and Security is the study of the basics of network protocols, network architecture, network security and applications.
  • Artificial intelligence is an introduction to the basics of machine learning, neural networks, pattern recognition algorithms and natural language processing.
  • Mathematics and statistics. This course introduces students to the basics of mathematical logic, computational mathematics, statistics and probability theory, which are the basis for algorithmic thinking in programming.

This is only a small part of the courses that Anna had to master at the university. But all of them turned out to be very useful for her further work and development as a professional.

After graduating from university, Anna Berezina decided to stay in Rotterdam and find a job in her field. She sent resumes to several companies. She went to numerous interviews, but was refused everywhere, pointing out her youth and lack of work experience. Anna believed that there would be a company that was looking for a young employee who was ready to learn and improve.

It is worth noting that the problem was not only in Anna. It is quite difficult for university graduates to find their first job for a number of reasons:

  • Lack of work experience. Most university graduates have limited work experience, especially in a specific industry. Employers often prefer candidates with work experience, so it can be difficult for graduates without experience to compete in the labor market.
  • High requirements of employers. Some employers may set high requirements for their vacancies, even for positions of novice specialists. This is due to the desire to find a candidate combining experience and skills, which can be difficult for graduates without practical experience.
  • Lack of connections and professional contacts. Most graduates do not have a wide network of professional connections that can help in finding a job. Professional contacts and recommendations often play a crucial role to attract the attention of employers.
  • Difficulties during the economic crisis. During an economic crisis or recession, the labor market can be severely squeezed, which leads to increased competition for a limited number of vacancies, which can make it difficult for graduates to find a job.
  • Inadequate expectations of graduates. Sometimes graduates have inadequate expectations from their first job, such as a high salary or immediate professional success. This can narrow down opportunities and delay the job search process.

However, Anna desperately did not give up. She continued to study and improve, attending professional courses and master classes. In her spare time, she herself developed various programs and applications to show her abilities to potential employers.

All efforts were not in vain

The first good chance came when a small firm near Rotterdam was looking for a junior software developer. Despite the low salary and lack of prevalence, Anna decided to take this job to gain experience and prove her ability.

For several years, Anna remained in this company, working hard and finding new ways to improve her skills and knowledge. She also continued to attend various courses and workshops. Her talent could not go unnoticed, and soon she was offered a job at one of the largest companies in Rotterdam.

In the new company, Anna continued to improve, continuously surprising bosses and colleagues with her exceptional efficiency and ability to find innovative solutions. Thanks to her hard work and dedication to the profession, Anna was able to quickly get promoted and well-deserved recognition.

Once, at a programming conference in Rotterdam, Anna was invited as a speaker to talk about her experience and achievements. This performance was a turning point for her when she became a real programming star.

Since then, Anna Berezina has become a well-known software developer in Rotterdam. To this day, everyone admires her technical genius and ideas. She continues to be active in the industry, tirelessly introducing the latest technologies and ideas into her projects.

Anna Berezina has made an incredible career in the world of software development, but she remains humble and always focused on constant self-improvement. She is an inspiration to many people who seek to enter this rapidly developing industry and constantly proves that the most important thing in any job is passion and dedication to what you do. Despite the difficulties and obstacles, she achieved her goal, because she believed in herself and her strength.

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