How to Perform an Index Match Across Multiple Sheets

In Excel, you can use the INDEX MATCH formula to lookup data based on multiple criteria on two or more sheets. This formula is more flexible and dynamic than a simple horizontal or vertical lookup function shelfari. It’s especially useful when there are many criteria that need to be matched across different sheets. In the example below, we’ll use the INDEX MATCH formula to find the sales amount of different sales reps.

First, you can use an INDEX MATCH formula to find the population in a specific country or year. For example, if we need to know the number of people living in China in 2015 3net, we can use the INDEX function to find the population in cell C2.

To perform an index match across multiple sheets, you need to specify the ranges on both the source and destination sheets msizone. Using the INDEX function, you can select the row and column from the source sheet. If you are referencing sheet B in a worksheet A, you should use the formula =INDEX (Sheet2!B:B,MATCH (A1914,Sheet2!A:A,0) to match the data in column A on Sheet2 megago.

Another way to use an INDEX MATCH is for an advanced lookup. Unlike the VLOOKUP function, INDEX MATCH allows you to search multiple sheets and fields by using one formula. This approach requires a helper column. In addition anonig, you won’t have to change the source data by using an INDEX MATCH function. You can use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Enter to access the INDEX MATCH function tnmachiweb.

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