Compensation for trip and fall cases in Atlanta

It’s important to establish the property owner’s negligence before you file a claim to recover damages in a slip and fall injury claim. Property owners and occupants in Atlanta, Georgia have an obligation of duty to keep their premises and workplaces safe when dealing with slip and fall accident claims. According to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA) §51-3-1, the owner or occupant is liable for damages if they breach this duty and a person is injured as a result. If you need help with filing a claim, you may get in touch with an Atlanta premises liability lawyer.

Getting Compensation For Your Fall Accident:

Get legal assistance if any of the following situations caused you an injury:

  • Poorly marked damp floor
  • Risky stairway or escalator
  • A flight of stairs without enough handrails
  • A retail spill that went ignored
  • Uneven sidewalks or floors
  • Parking lot potholes

Accidents involving a slip and fall can result in both economic and non-economic damages. 

Economic damages:

It’s usually a good idea to record all of your papers, invoices, pay stubs, financial records, and bills in case of economic damages. This makes it simpler to determine your settlement amount and provide evidence that the damages you experienced were legitimate.

Non-economic damages:

Regarding non-economic damages, their worth generally depends on how serious your slip-and-fall event was and how much it disrupted your life. Insurance firms enjoy disputing or underestimating your non-economic damages. Fortunately, an attorney is skilled at precisely calculating these damages and will fight to uphold your rights. 

Georgia’s Statute of Limitations For Slip and Fall Cases:

According to Georgia’s statute of limitations, people who are injured in a slip and fall accident have two years to make a personal injury claim. To determine if you have a valid case for filing a personal injury claim, it is advised to speak with a slip and fall attorney as soon as possible following the incident. Furthermore, if the at-fault party is aware that you have plenty of time to file a lawsuit, they are more likely to offer a reasonable settlement.

Final thoughts:

According to Georgia law, anyone who suffers harm as a result of a property owner’s negligence may be entitled to compensation. However, it is sometimes daunting to try to recuperate from terrible injuries brought on by someone else’s negligence while trying to establish how much compensation is fair. In addition to guiding you through the process of obtaining the just compensation you are entitled to, a premises liability attorney will always be attentive to your legal needs.

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