Benefits of Hiring Full-service Creative Agencies and How They Differ from Boutique Agencies

Around 71% of businesses today have a well-functioning, updated website. Even small companies know the necessity of having an online presence, with 73% having an exclusive site dedicated to their services.

And the reasons behind that are simple. Around 81% of shoppers prefer researching a product online before buying it, while 55% trust online reviews.

Without a website, you cannot expect to generate more leads, attract more potential customers, build a loyal customer base, attract organic traffic, or enjoy higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

One way of getting those results is hiring a full service creative agency. You must have heard this name mentioned before in marketing circles. It refers to a company that handles various marketing aspects, including digital marketing, public relations, strategic planning, and analytics.

Most successful businesses prefer hiring creative agencies to handle their marketing and advertising campaigns, despite having their own in-house marketing team. The primary reason is their extensive experience, expertise, and availability of resources that helps them deliver the results efficiently and on time.

What are some advantages of hiring these agencies, how do they differ from boutique agencies, and what other things should you know about them?

Benefits of Hiring a Full-service Agency

Grasping your brand’s values

A full-service digital company that handles your marketing campaign understands your company’s values, ideals, objectives, etc. That would not be the case if you hired freelancers or multiple agencies to handle your campaign.

The company must have its values portrayed consistently across all channels without the slightest conflict between them. Customers associate your brand with your product experience and are encouraged to buy those products because they recognise it, place a high value on it, and see it as trustworthy.

Marketing across various channels

Your marketing should cover as many channels as possible to connect with the maximum audience. Channels in digital marketing refer to the means through you which deliver your product or service to the customer.

These include social media, email, video, influencer and affiliate marketing, SEO, and PPC. Hiring a team of professionals enables you to take advantage of all these channels, as they possess the experience required to work with each.

Scalability as required

You might require an increased flow of resources, time, and effort for your marketing campaign during a particular season or the launch of a new product. An in-house team will be unable to do that. You could hire extra employees and train them, but that will cost you plenty of money and consume plenty of time.

A digital agency can increase or decrease its efforts as required without compromising the quality of its work. You can ask for additional services, which they would provide at an additional cost or as part of a customisable package.

Quantifiable results

Since the task of delivering results falls on the agency you hire, you can ask them for quantifiable results. Agencies measure those with key performance indicators (KPIs), including revenue per client, revenue growth, customer satisfaction, client retention rate, and profit margin.

They might also use marketing metrics to measure the campaign’s sales growth and overall performance. These include leads, cost per lead (CPL), sales growth, lifetime value, return on marketing investment, return on ad spend, and lead-to-customer ratio.

Difference between full-service and boutique agencies

As mentioned earlier, a full-service agency provides various services in its package and is generally large in terms of its scale and operations. In contrast, a boutique agency specialises in specific services. Many businesses prefer them for their personalised and unique approach to campaigns based on your company’s requirements and faster turnaround time.

You should consider hiring a full-service creative agency for their expertise, resources, knowledge, and other advantages to ensure your marketing campaign’s success. It is more cost-effective than recruiting and training an in-house team and not even being sure of the results.

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